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Joe Barbieri - Respiro
UPC: 8033210120352  |  CAT: MCD034
File Under: World, Bossa, Italian, Jazz





- Zenzero e cannella
- Scusami
- Diamoci del tu
- Un regno da disfare (with Stefano
- Sostanza e forma
- 'E vase annure (with Fabrizio Bosso)
- Le milonghe del sabato (w. Gianmaria
- Diario di una caduta (with Jorge Drexler)
- Étape par étape par étape (with Fabrizio
- Come una casa
- Il balconcino del quinto piano


The Spring Equinox Day - March, 20 this year - is the release date for Joe Barbieri’s brand new album, “Respiro” (Breath).

Three years after “Maison Maravilha” - 20.000 copies sold in North America, Asia and Europe that revealed Joe as one of the most appreciated new rising Italian sing-songwriters - the Neapolitan author takes a stab at his most wide-broaded work, publishing his new project in 62 countries, equally spread in all five continents.
"Respiro" is a kaleidoscope of deeply different musical moments - from manouche to bolero, including jazz, soft pop and the ever loved bossa - all linked by the unmistakable Barbieri’s Italian touch; as Joe explains: "In this new page I wanted to slip the moorings of the formal research in behalf of a more free approach to the composition, that soon became an almost unwilling urge; just like the act of breathing where the in-and-out passage of the air renews lungs, ideas and aspirations. All the last years’ gigs teached me to offer myself directly, to sing with more and more willingness towards everyone who feels to donate me his will to listen my music, to get a common inspiration: unique, simple, and shared”..

“Respiro” has been recorded at a very precious place, located in the most ancient heart of Naples: the flat once set of two Vittorio De Sica’s masterpieces: “Matrimonio all’italiana” (with Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni) and “L’Oro di Napoli”. No other place could be more pertinent, given the innate cinematic attitude of Barbieri’s works, often recognized as sweet, little soundtracks, micro movies in which an ancestrally south-mediterranean atmosphere always spread out in world jazz vocations.
And it happens that, like his previous works, even now, together with great fellow musicians like Antonio Fresa, Giacomo Pedicini, Sergio Di Natale, Pasquale Bardaro, Oscar Montalbano, Stefano Jorio, Emidio Ausiello and many others, Barbieri wanted to add musical “wings” from further, in cultures and distances, artists: “Respiro” is enriched by the string orchestra of the Albanian first violin Armand Priftuli; Stefano Bollani’s piano (in “Un regno da disfare”), Fabrizio Bosso’s trumpet (in “Étape par étape par étape” and “’E vase annure”), and voices from Gianmaria Testa (“Le milonghe del sabato”) and the Uruguayan Academy-award winner Jorge Drexler (“Diario di una caduta”).

The result of such a mix is the confirmation - and, if possible, a further enrichment - of Joe Barbieri’s distinctive language that aims to merge endless elements with the modernity of specific harmonic, timber and expressive solutions.
Even at mere sound level, “Respiro” benefits from unique technical choices, where facilities deriving from digital devices often give way to the usage of microphones, valvular compressors, handmade instruments and the warm heart of a Neve analogic mixer from the 70’.

Coherently and consequently, Joe will release two versions of “Respiro”: in CD and - first time for Barbieri - 33 rpm vinyl, this last available in selected countries.

"Zenzero e cannella"

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