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The Board of Microcosmo Dischi is composed by Joe Barbieri (director), Antonio Meola (promo activities and publishing) and Fabio Barbieri (project manager and distribution).
All photos, courtesy of Carmine Miceli.


Joe Barbieri

Composer, producer, singer/songwriter, Joe Barbieri is also the director and co-founder of Microcosmo Dischi.

As performing artist he released four albums: "In Parole Povere", "Maison Maravilha", "Maison Maravilha Viva" (live) and "Respiro".
His songs has been sung by or with Omara Portuondo, Mario Venuti, Jorge Drexler, Stefano Bollani and mores.



Antonio Meola

Joe Barbieri's assistant since 1998, Antonio Meola manages all the promotion activities at Microcosmo Dischi, also coordinating the work of the promo agencies cooperating with the Label on selected projects.

Since 2008 he is also in charge about managing the operations of publishing at the connected department of Microcosmo Edizioni.


Fabio Barbieri

Fabio is the projects manager at Microcosmo Dischi.
His role is to develop the artistic projects making them fitting with the economic and selling goals of the company.

He also manages the digital and phisical distribution's activity both in Italy and in the rest of the World.


Microcosmo Dischi is an Italy-based label mainly focused on World Music, with special (but not exclusive) interest in latin genres like tango, bossa nova, fado, flamenco, etc.

Since its foundation (in the 2005), the company has been progressively active in producing, license, distributing and publish music albums; both phisical and digital.
Microcosmo Dischi is actually composed by five departments: Microcosmo Dischi, Microcosmo Edizioni, Microcosmo Distribuzione, Microcosmo Progetti Speciali and Microcosmo Concerti.

Here following there's a short clip showing a selection of the Microcosmo Dischi's music over its first five years of life, including tracks from Celso Fonseca, Kantango, Lura, Ben Sidran, Joe Barbieri, Toni Melillo and Cesaria Evora.


Microcosmo Dischi is composed by:

Microcosmo Dischi
The main department, that is focused on the discographic activity.

Microcosmo Edizioni
The department that manages the Microcosmo Dischi's publishing rights.
Microcosmo Edizioni is member of Suisa (, based in Switzerland.

Microcosmo Distribuzione
This department phisically or digitally distributes (or subdistributes) the albums produced by Microcosmo Dischi or by partner labels.
Microcosmo Distribuzione also works in join venture with other distributing companies over Europe and over the world, to cover the widest and the most appropriated distributing net for the product intended to be distributed.

Microcosmo Progetti Speciali
This department has the goal to realize "premium" music contents (e.g. compilations) exploiting Microcosmo Dischi's repertoire or outsourced repertoires.
Some of Microcosmo Progetti Speciali's customers are - among others - Europcar, Telecom Italia and more.

Microcosmo Concerti
This is the booking department - active since september 2012 - connected to the label (




(C) 2005-2010 Microcosmo Dischi

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